Приспособление для обработки кромки стекла (скалопер)

Приспособление для обработки кромки стекла (скалопер)

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Габариты, мм
  • Производитель: Hasal
  • Модель: HA047
  • Артикул: HA047

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7500 р.

Скалопер, приспособление для обламывания декоративной кромки на стекле толщиной 4 19мм. Может использоваться с устанавливаемым позиционером для точного скалывания.

Produces decorative scallop shape on the glass edge by lever action. Depth and width of the scallop can be adjusted easily. Operation of the tool is very simple and precise. It is very economical when compared with expensive machinery. The edge of the glass needs only some grinding before usage. You can obtain attractive optical edges at different glass thickness.

1-Setting the tool according to the glass thickness, Place the tool perpendicular to the glass as shown above. Loosen the knob screw (5), Screw the back screw (2) until it touches the glass, keep the fulcrum screw (3) parallel to the bottom surface of the glass. Tighten the knob screw (5). Loosen the set screws (6)of the scallop bit (1) and move it downwards until it touches the glass surface, tighten the set screws (6) again.

2-Adjusting the depth of the scallop, Depth of the scallop can be adjusted by the distance (X) of the back screw (2) and bit edge (1). It is recommended to be 1-3 mm according to the glass thickness and desired scallop depth. When the glass gets thicker this value can be higher. Tighten the knurled knob (5) after adjustment. After using four sides of the HSS bit (1), it can be re sharpened.

3-Positioning the attack angle, When the tool is at horizontal position, adjust the attack angle by the fulcrum screw (3) which acts as a fulcrum, and fix it with the knurled nut (4). Recommended inclination angle is between 4 -8. Raising or lowering the tool effects the bite of the scallop and this changes the size of the scallop.

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